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Basic Certificate in Christian Morality

St. John Paul II clearly defined Christian Morality in the encyclical: Veritatis Splendor. In that magnificent document, he describes morality as “not so much about rules to be followed, but about the full meaning of life. This is in fact the aspiration at the heart of every human decision and action, the quiet searching and interior prompting which sets freedom in motion.” …Today more than ever we need to have clarity about how the gift of freedom can lead us to the absolute Good, God Himself Who has revealed Himself fully in Jesus Christ” (VS 7)

St. John Paul II further points out that “ the Second Vatican Council called for a renewal of moral theology, so that its teaching would display the lofty vocation which the faithful have received in Christ…”(VS 7). This vocation not only requires finding Christ in order to follow Him, but inviting Christ to walk the path of life with each person. (VS 7)

Certificate Objectives
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Certificate Requirements
Completion of the following six independent study courses: