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Basic Certificate in Catholic Education

Speaking to Catholic Educators in America, Benedict XVI remarked:

In every aspect of their education, students need to be encouraged to articulate a vision of the harmony of faith and reason capable of guiding a life-long pursuit of knowledge and virtue. As ever, an essential role in this process is played by teachers who inspire others by their evident love of Christ, their witness of sound devotion and their commitment to that sapientia Christiana which integrates faith and life, intellectual passion and reverence for the splendor of truth both human and divine, steadfast in faith and witness. (Benedict XVI, May 5, 2012.)

Each of the following courses addresses ways that Catholic Educators can fulfill their essential roles of teaching, inspiring, and witnessing the Church’s patrimony of integrating life with the harmony of faith and reason.

Certificate Objectives
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Certificate Requirements
Completion of the following five independent study courses: