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The Letters of St. Paul, Part II

Welcome to this second course on St. Paul. In this Part II course we will study the remaining letters not treated in the first course. In this first lesson we study 2 Thes, Phil and 2 Cor. During lesson two, we study Philemon, Col and Eph, which are traditionally said to have been written by Paul during his house arrest of him in Rome (Acts 28). During the final lesson we complete our study of the Pauline corpus by reading the Pastorals (1 & 2 Tim, Titus). Then you will have studied all of Paul's letters from him.

In reading any of Paul's letters we are reading his replies to situations or crises that occurred in the local churches e.g. 1 Cor 7:1, "now concerning the matters about which you wrote." When we read Paul's letters it is similar to hearing someone talking on their cell phone. We hear only one half of the conversation and from that half we can deduce a great deal about these local churches but sometimes, as we will see, some of the items of conversation between Paul and the recipients of his letters were perfectly intelligible to them while we can only guess as to what was being discussed as we "listen in" on their conversation.